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The Journey

This journey is not one for the faint of heart. It’s not even one you would have foreseen or chosen. Yet, for whatever reason, it’s a journey you had to go through. The process rendered many thoughts – emotions. Initially, disbelief and confusion and then life-altering decisions had to be made. In all of that – there were those who were so divinely brought alongside you to give you a hug, cry with you, love you or just sit and listen as you poured out your heart. Maybe you had those that gave a timely word of encouragement saying, “You’re going to make it!”. So, now you’re here – on the other side, in the place where the battle scars seemed to be a sign of defeat, yet now they become the testament that you can make it through anything! You’re stronger because of it – for that, we commend you! It’s truly our honor to be a small part of your journey in giving you a well deserved “badge of honor”.

3D Nipple Areola Breast Tattoo

Erika Nicholson, a highly sought-after Paramedical Tattoo Artist in Atlanta, works with top plastic surgeons creating realistic breast tattooing for patients after reconstructive surgery.

If the surgeon is unable to save or build a nipple mound, we create and optical illusion giving a 3D Nipple and Areola on completely flat skin! These remarkable results allow patients to look and feel whole again.

In the event the surgeon is able to build a nipple mound or save the nipple tissue, we add color and dimension to the nipple mound and create the areola including Montgomery glands, and constriction wrinkles bringing the ‘breast to life’.

Many clients come to us unhappy with their results from previous breast tattooing services at other offices. We are proud to offer revision breast tattoo services to these clients and are honored that they trust us to get it done the right way and provide their dream results.

We Also Offer

Breast Color Enhancement

Breast Color Enhancement

For individuals seeking to improve the look of the their natural nipples and areoles, we enhance their breasts by altering color, adding symmetry and dimension. This service is available for any individual whether or not they have undergone surgery.



Our Restorative Work


What to Expect

  • After the paperwork is completed, we will clean the area.
  • Service provider will take BEFORE photos/videos.
  • We will discuss the size of the nipple and areola that will look natural and proportionate to your overall breast size.
  • We will map the placement of the tattoo for your approval and make any adjustments as needed.
  • Together, we will make color selections, choosing inks you like according to your desired outcome and what complements the undertones of your skin. Once those are selected, we will customize a full-color palette for you.
  • Once those are selected, we will customize a full color palette for you.
  • If needed, numbing will be applied, making sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • Once we begin seeing the nipple and areola take form, we might allow you to see the progression. (wink, wink)
  • We will sit you up and allow you to see them standing in front of the mirror (this is where tissues may be needed!).
  • We’ll then take note of any adjustments needing to be made to complete the process.
  • After we’ve achieved the desired results, we’ll have you take one last look in the mirror before cleaning you up.
  • Service provider will take AFTER photos/videos
  • We’ll apply protective dressing and go over aftercare.

Feel confident

Feel Whole & complete

Most patients have no pain

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